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Over 40years Meridian’s key innovation was to make music sound like music in a digital delivery world. Of course the convenience of digital is excellent but music’s origins are analong like an instrument. Research and development at the their Cambridgeshire, U.K headquarters are conceived both software and hardware innovations.

Pro Audio

Nestled in the neighborhood of Hollywood, PRO Audio Technology was realized by Paul L Hales, an industry veteran of high performance audio with a no holds barred, no compromise approach to loudspeaker design. Again PRO Audio deploys DSP as an essential ingredient to deliver powerful American muscle audio, mostly designed to be hidden and integrated into architecture PRO line is the choice for Hollywoods A list’s own Private cinemas

Storm Audio

StormAudio is the main brand of Immersive Audio Technologies, a French company of passionate people who design and manufacture Immersive Sound Processors and Power Amplifiers dedicated to High End Home Theaters around the globe.

With a meticulous attention for quality and performance, their engineers count hundreds of years of experience in the digital signal processing, audio engineering and embedded software domains.


Artnovion are driven by passion for acoustics, for performance and to provide amazing customer experience. With their talented team, they work hard to push the boundaries of acoustic engineering to create a unique collection of trendsetting & high performance products. Artnovion believes that less is more and take every aspect of product optimization seriously. All their products have been conceived to deliver the best performance at the lowest cost, in every facet of the product cycle, from production to packing and shipping.

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Hand-assembled and tested with pride, Acurus has been manufactured on state-of-the-art componentry for over 20 years, Acurus origins from ultra high-end audio brands from engineers with years of dedicated research, extensive testing & refinement. Boasting high-end audio performance combined with unprecedented integrator control and connectivity. Since 1993, Acurus has been delivering high-value, high-performance electronics. You will expect years of trouble-free operation from your Acurus investment.

architettura sonora

Born with a simple yet critical mission: to get the best possible sound from the best looking speakers, Architettura Sonora drawns up a team with decades of experience. With a creative team comprising acousticians, engineers, architects and landscape designers, together they share the same enthusiastic vision to redesign the reality of space and landscape through an immersive sound experience.


Extracting every last pixel perfection from a display device is what Lumagen does best. Demonstrated leading-edge video processing technologies developed specifically for the Pro Home Cinema market. Lumagen has unique video scaling technologies that ensures Standard Definition comes out looking every bit as great as high definition. 

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For the minimalist that wants the maximum sound quality, there is Nakymatone’s Invisible speakers. Not all invisible speakers are cut from the same cloth. Many are a pain to install and those that chose to use poor quality invisible speakers run the risk of plasterboard cracking with undesired engineering practices. Thankfully, Nakymatone got off on the right foot with Controlled Resonance Technology…a vibrating board that works similar to a musical instrument. The result, amazing sound that out of sight.


Tired of seeing those black bars top and bottom of your screen? Shoot 4K and not 3K with Panamorph, the only Lens designed for the resolution geometry of your respective Projector. The Paladin series has both a normal Paladin for 4K resolutions 3840px wide and the Paladin DCR is geometrically suited to 4096px wide chips from Sony and JVC. More clients are asking for anamorphic 4K cinema for all the right reasons and the Panamorph is the ‘go to’ lens. It just happens to be sold with systems that have lower cost projectors because of the higher volumes made by projector manufactures. The Paladin is compatible with future projectors even up to 8K, so you will appreciate only needing to purchase the lens once.

green glue

Cinemas that hit refefrence could be an annoyance to ajoining rooms to your cinema. When sound isolation is a critera we enlist Gree Glue’s specialist products to help isolate the sound from the cinema room.

Using different techniques and products reduced a huge amount of sound energy that could otherwise leave the room whilst in operation.

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Launched with much success at CEDIA 2018, Theory Audio Design makes an media room come to like with huge SPL and razor accurate native DSP controlled loudspeakers. Theory shares the enormous capabilities of its sister company PRO Audio Technology. Specifically designed to boast delivered superior performance to its respective priced passive speaker competition with larger drivers, Theory packs a punch and enables easier installation coupled with enduring quality.

severtson screens

USA’s leading screen surface manufacturer to commercial cinemas including IMAX and studio grade screening rooms, Severtson manufacture a wide arraying of screen solutions from the best 4K Acoustically transparent screen material on the market to high contrasting grey screens for specific environment situations. USA made quality frames ensure for a lifetime of entertainment.

Cogworks Design

Cogworks exclusive, these luxury chairs were designed and manufactured to raise the standard of cinema seating. They come in 3 different models with multiple configurations to suit home theatres of all shapes and sizes. All the styles are 100% A Grade leather finishes and can be configured in both straight and curved layouts. All chairs come with the industry first White Glove Service offering.

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Terra are built to endure all climate conditions, and they are presently doing so in every imaginable climate throughout the world. Most all-climate speakers are actually “weather resistant”. They will last a few years at most and then they require replacement. Most don’t come close to high fidelity, even when they are new. Terra speakers, on the other hand, will last for years in the most difficult climates and deliver great sound all of the time.



Elementi was designed by the industries most awarded cinema designer to meet the highest possible standards of Home Cinema and professional concert playback. The philosophy was simple – nothing should get in the way of listeners experience at any volume.