Avalon Flow


Absorber – Diffuser 

Avalon Flow

Unveil the transformative power of Avalon Flow, where walls become dynamic canvases merging high-performance absorption and diffusion for an immersive acoustic journey.

A dynamic pattern that gracefully traverses walls, adapting and evolving with your perspective. This innovative parametric hybrid absorber seamlessly blends high-performance absorption with diffusion, offering the ultimate wall-to-wall solution for acoustic enhancement.


Dynamic versatility, seamlessly blending absorption and diffusion for personalized wall patterns and an immersive acoustic experience.
Dynamic Wall Patterns

Creates flowing designs that adapt to your perspective.

Parametric Hybrid Absorber:

Combines high-performance absorption and diffusion for optimal acoustic enhancement.

Versatile Designs

Choose from five unique patterns, allowing for personalized combinations.

Customizable Finishes

Available in two tones of wood finish and a variety of acoustic fabrics.

Easy Mounting

Effortlessly mountable to any surface for convenient installation.

Immersive Acoustic Experience

Transform your space with seamless integration of absorption and diffusion for superior sound quality.

Avalon Flow - Absorber -Diffuser

Experience the mesmerizing transformation with Avalon Flow as it creates a dynamic pattern along your walls, adapting to your viewpoint, while seamlessly merging high-performance absorption and diffusion for the ultimate wall-to-wall acoustic solution. With five unique designs and customizable combinations, Avalon Flow offers versatility, available in two wood finishes and a range of acoustic fabrics, ensuring effortless mounting on any surface.

Avalon Flow - Artnovion
Avalon Flow Absorber/Diffuser - Artnovion