Whether you’re looking to scale a BluRay for a new 4K UltraHD display, elevate your experience with studio quality colour calibration or simply want to watch a movie as the director intended, Lumagen video processors will open your eyes. Withnumerous advanced controls, including Lumagen’s No-Ring scaling geometry control and 4913 point CMS, your home theatre can reach it’s full potential.

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Radiance Pro

The Radiance Pro 5348 takes the ultimate video processor to the next level by minimizing output-jitter and electrical noise. It has ten 18 GHz inputs, two 18 GHz outputs, and one audio-only
output, in a 1U case. This is a fixed configuration.

Lugamen - Cogworks
Lugamen Radiance Pro


  • Up to ten 4K60 UltraHD inputs
  • Up to 4 processed 4K60 UltraHD outputs
  • Complete processing of 2D or 3D sources
  • DARBEE DVP enhancement technology for HD/SD
  • Fully programmable scaling and aspect ratio 4913 point (17x17x17) 3D LUT CMS
  • Rec2020 colorspace and HDR support
  • Per-pixel motion adaptive HD and SD deinterlacing
  • Onscreen setup and control with included remote
  • RS232 and USB ports for upgrading and control Optional rack ears 17″W x 10″D x 2″H (1.75″H without feet)
Lugamen Radiance Pro
This is a reference device that could easily be at the core of any high-end system. It offers even more features than I’ve covered here. And it’s one of the devices that once set up you will forget is there, as it just works away in the background – until the moment you switch it off, when you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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