Sparta Absorber

Elevate your space with seamless sound treatment and sleek design.

An acoustic panel featuring a sleek design and broad absorption capabilities, ideal for those seeking neutral aesthetics paired with effective sound treatment. Enhance your space with Sparta’s seamless  integration, including options for speaker cover compatibility.


Crafted with acoustically transparent fabric, offering broad frequency absorption and FG Fire Rate compliance.
Acoustically Transparent Fabric

Preserves speaker response patterns for optimal sound quality.

Broad Frequency Absorption

Designed for comprehensive sound treatment across a wide range of frequencies.

FG Fire Rate

Ensures compliance with safety standards for peace of mind.

Versatile Finishes

Choose from luxurious Suede or resilient Weave Fabric options to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Structural Frame

Provides stability and durability for long-lasting performance.

Calibrated Cell Acoustic Foam

Enhances sound absorption capabilities for superior acoustic treatment.

Sparta - Absorber

Experience the innovative Sparta Speaker, meticulously crafted with acoustically transparent fabric to preserve speaker response patterns, ensuring optimal sound quality. Paired with Sparta Absorber, designed for comprehensive frequency absorption ranging from 350 Hz to 8000 Hz, this dynamic duo offers a sophisticated acoustic solution. Available in FG Fire Rate, with luxurious Suede or resilient Weave Fabric finishes, Sparta panels boast a structural frame and calibrated cell acoustic foam for superior performance.

Available Range

Sparta SQR Absorber
Sparta SQR Absorber
Sparta RCT
Sparta RCT
Sparta Double SQR
Sparta Double SQR
Sparta SQR - Speaker Cover
FG | (E04) Pearly
Sparta RCT - Speaker Cover
Sparta RCT - Speaker Cover
Sparta Absorber Range
Sparta Absorber Range - Artnovion