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Benq W5800
Introducing the BenQ W5800 projector,
your gateway to unparalleled cinematic experiences.
Designed with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, this projector delivers stunning 4K visuals and immersive audio, bringing your favorite movies and shows to life like never before. Explore every detail, feel every emotion, and immerse yourself in the magic of cinema with the BenQ W5800.


Designed to immerse you in unparalleled cinematic experiences from the comfort of your home.
4K UHD Resolution

Experience crystal-clear visuals with stunning detail and lifelike clarity, thanks to the W5800’s native 4K Ultra HD resolution.

CinematicColor™ Technology

Enjoy vibrant and accurate colors that faithfully reproduce the director’s vision, enhancing your viewing experience with true-to-life imagery.

HDR-PRO™ Technology

Immerse yourself in HDR content with enhanced brightness, contrast, and detail, bringing out the depth and richness of every scene.

CinemaMaster Video+

Elevate your movie-watching experience with advanced image processing, optimizing sharpness, color, and motion for unparalleled picture quality.

Acoustic Vents

Delight in immersive sound with the W5800’s integrated acoustic vents, which enhance audio performance by reducing vibration and distortion for a more authentic cinematic experience.

Auto Vertical Keystone Correction

Experience hassle-free setup with automatic vertical keystone correction, ensuring a perfectly aligned image even when the projector is off-center, for seamless viewing every time.

Benq w500 Projector - Top View

With the BenQ W5800 projector, your home entertainment reaches new heights of immersion and quality. From its advanced features to its effortless setup, it promises to redefine your cinematic experience. Say hello to unparalleled visuals, vibrant colors, and crystal-clear audio, and embark on a journey of cinematic delight right in the comfort of your own home.

Benq W5800 Anti-Dust Vertical Louver
Benq W5800 Patterned Lens