What our dealers think about working with us

There are not may suppliers that I utlilise that go the extra mile quite like Cogworks, They are small enough to care and to help grow my business, but also not so large as to become another juggernaught big box moving distributor. Glad to have a supply partner such as Cogworks for The Digital Picture

Scott Sauer

Dealer Services

By becoming a Cogworks dealer you can benefit from the following services

Interior Design Services

Industry standards prefer a neutral pallet, but it still allows for an exciting visual before the projector comes on before the lights go down… discover a colour scheme that complements your clients taste

Sales & Marketing Assistnace

Cogworks actively and proudly boast successful projects to help grow you business, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Most products are amazing we explain why they are

Engineered Packs

We effectively become and oursourcing expert for you, from your training you’ll learn to deploy and properally commissions high rate solutions your clients will love.

Acoustic & Engineering Design Services

A Reverberant Time decay of 60 decibels is proven to help the grey matter better comprehend the entertainment with ease. We assist achieving the balance of acoustic controls

Access to Accounts

We make day to day business easy by having stock ready and credit accounts so it easy to juggle progress payment often with large residential projects

Pricing & Warranty Policies

Our dedicated dealer portal gives excellent visibility to product info, stock on hand, pricing and more. We make it easy to deal with. We know the value of enduring warranty products that we expertly represent. Warranties are swift to ensuring client satisfaction


There are more benefits that we simply can’t list here in this forum. We extend an invitation for prospective dealers to see if we are the right mutual fit

Dealer Success Program


Access to a limited range of our product suite


Broader access to our product suite, complementary inhouse and invitations to our inspiration studion where you can interact with the product that you will be deploying



Full access and the highest level of support from any company, complementary trips to over seas industry expo’s

Our Brands

Impress your clients, get access to the worlds leading luxury & performance AV brands.

Our Mission

To elevate the AV industry

You wont find fine private cinemas in retail stores, they can keep the stack it high sell it low mentality. We are entertainers, we craft the systems and spaces that invoke human emotions through story telling

To educate & grow our dealers

The AV industry is moving fast and we want to make sure our dealers have access to all the information they need to deliver high quality projects in time and on budget.

To deliver best-in-industry customer service

Incredible customer service is our ultimate goal. Just ask our dealers about the after sales service you can expect from the Cogworks Team. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

To share our knowledge & passion for the industry

Paul works tirelessly to create content from blog articles and training videos to instructional guides all designed to share his passion for the industry and help dealers delight their clients.

Our Team

Meet your local sales & customer service team in Australia.

Manager/ Rep

Qualified as an electrician and & Av tech, Paul takes great pride demonstrating his design engineer concepts coupled with his ability to be innovative whilst pragmatic. Paul is passionate about making every business thrive, He influences with authentic integrity and is extremely dedicated to delivering the best solution possible.


Jordan has a deep understanding of account, office & inventory  management. She has incredible attention to detail, is highly organized and brings her extensive experience to all of our clients here at Cogworks. If you ever have a accounts inquiry, or admin question Jordan will be ready to get you the answers you need in a timely and professional manner.