Designed To Bond

Your Ultimate Bonding Solution for Acoustic Foam and EPS Panels. Instantly adhere to various surfaces with ease, ensuring reliable bonds in minutes.

Discover GlueArt 3.0, a polymer-based adhesive crafted for seamless bonding to acoustic foam and EPS on a wide array of surfaces, from cement to metal. With its user-friendly application, lighter panels adhere almost instantly, while heavier ones, though needing initial support, bond securely within 10 minutes, ensuring safety with a factor of over 10.


With enhanced safety features and double the tack force, it’s  ultimate adhesive solution for efficient and reliable bonding.

Faster Bonding

Ensures quicker adhesion for efficient installation.

Perfect Adhesion

Bonds flawlessly with EPS and foam materials, including Myron diffuser.

Humidity Resistance

Withstands challenging environmental conditions for long-lasting durability.

Versatile Compatibility

Adheres to virtually any surface, enhancing its applicability.

Safety Assured

Non-flammable and non-irritant to the skin, ensuring user safety during application.

Enhanced Efficiency

Provides double the tack force of the previous formula, optimizing bonding performance.

GlueArt Pack

Designed for efficiency, it bonds faster, providing quicker installation times without compromising on reliability. GlueArt formula offers perfect adhesion to EPS and foam, humidity resistance, and compatibility with diverse surfaces. It’s non-flammable, skin-friendly, and provides double the tack force of the previous version. Plus, it allows for 30% more panel installations per tube, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.