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Multiroom Audio


As your high resolution multiroom audio solution provider, Cogworks can enhance your whole home audio. Our unique solutions allow you to add high resolution zones to almost any multiroom audio system, such as Control4, Savant, Roon and Crestron.

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Whole Home Audio Control

Enjoy music in every room on demand with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that don’t interfere with your decor. Control your music from a touch screen, your phone or even a voice command. “Alexa, play The Dinner playlist!”

Water & Moisture Audio Zones

Creating great audio experiences in bathrooms and saunas can be a challenge with the wrong brand as it requires specialist water & moisture resistant speakers.  Brands like Terra speaker are crafted for the most demanding environments create a moisture safe speaker without impacting on your listening experience.

Landscape Speakers

Don’t let the music stop when you leave under covers, with forever lasting Terra outdoor speakers you can continue to enjoy emotive music thought-out your outdoor entertaining areas, some of the speakers integrate lighting for even more purpose.

Invisible Speakers

Believe it or not it is possible to create a speaker that sounds astonishing without any visual intrusion. Plaster in-wall Invisible speakers are fully enclosed with every sonic detail considered. They boast less sound bleeding into adjacent rooms, no frequency hot spots, and are completely invisible to the eye. What’s more, Nakymatone is the very first and ONLY fully enclosed invisible loudspeaker in the market, which guarantees you only ever get the best result.

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Yes! By working with one of our dealers you can feel confident that your multi-room audio system will integrate seamlessly with your existing Tidal or Spotify account.