FixArt Tube


Versatile Panel Mounting

FixArt Tube

Your go-to solution for versatile panel mounting. Designed with you in mind, our reliable and universal system makes panel installation a breeze.

FixArt Tube simplifies panel installation: just follow the template, attach clips, and you’re done! It offers easy adjustments and creates an air cavity behind panels for enhanced performance, ensuring solid installation on any surface. Compatible with all foam-backed panels, it’s versatile for various mounting options.


Crafted with high-performance acoustic foam and premium fabric, excels in controlling high-frequency reverberation.

Follow the template, attach clips, and mount panels effortlessly.


Allows for easy adjustments post-installation.

Air Cavity Design

Creates space behind panels for enhanced performance.

Versatile Mounting

Install on walls, ceilings, slopes, or corners for flexible acoustic treatment.


Works with all foam-backed panels for universal application.

Solid Installation

Ensures level mounting on any surface, regardless of quality.

FixArt Tube Panel
Artnovion’s FixArt range offers versatile solutions for panel mounting, prioritizing reliability and simplicity. The FixArt Tube, an innovative system for acoustic panels, ensures easy installation and adjustment, creating an air cavity behind panels for enhanced performance. Compatible with all foam-backed panels, it provides solid, level installation on any surface, including walls, ceilings, slopes, or corners. The range includes variants like Single Metal, Double Metal, and Double Plastic, each tailored for specific panel configurations and installation needs.

Available Range

FixArt Tube Double Metal | 4 un
Double Metal | 4 un
FixArt Tube Double Metal | 8 un
Double Metal | 8 un
FixArt Tube Double Plastic | 8 un
Double Plastic | 8 un
FixArt Tube Single Metal | 16 un
Single Metal | 16 un