Passion for acoustics, passion for performance and our eternal passion is to provide an amazing customer experience. With a talented team, we work hard to push the boundaries of acoustic engineering to create a unique collection of trendsetting & high performance products.


Pioneering parametric QRD-based hybrid absorbers. The panels sequence of alternating slats forms a seamless mesmerizing 3D pattern, creating a true piece of acoustic artwork.

Birch - Avalon
Nero - Avalon
Wenge - Atlantis Flow
Absorbers - Cogworks
Diffuser - Cogworks


Designed to reach maximum high frequency diffusion. This handmade elliptic panel was designed to give you maximum efficiency in every way, particularly at high frequencies.
Diffuser Licorice
Diffuser - Smoke
Diffuser - Jaya W Awenge
Diffuser - Cogworks

Bass Traps

New approach on absorption, using a new membrane technology akin to a speaker cone, suspended a calibrated mass on an elastic surround – allowing for a much superior – and controlled – performance.
Bass Trap Marron
Bass Trap Wenge
Bass Trap
Mobile Kit Bas Trap

Mobile Kits

Our high-quality Helen absorbers are perfect balance between performance and classical design. Transform any space into a Hi-Fi room, or create an artificial wall for your 1st reflection control.
Sienna Marron
Mobile Kits - Grigio
Mobile Kit Bas Trap

Accessories and Fixing Systems

An innovative system for acoustic panel with sersatile solutions for panel mounting. With the customer in mind, we developed a reliable, simple, universal system to install panels.
Fixing System
The correct room acoustics will be perceived as being comfortable, well balanced, suitably furnished for its purpose. The room should have a clear and distinct sound reproduction and deliver an experience not fatiguing or strident in any way.

Reviews and Testimonials

We all love studio treatment and there are so much different solutions available. I´m in love with that kind of absorber They look and feel Fantastic, you get what you pay for!
Pavilon (
22nd February, 2020
Best Acoustic Tools, ind Sound and Quality
Erich Rappold
20th Oct, 2019
Top quality products simple to install
David Axente
16th July, 2019
high quality products, very good finish
John Smith
31st Jan, 2019
I’m so excited to share what has been a fruitful innovation collaboration. Together with Artnovion we have been building, from ground zero, a premium international Brand Experience.
Pedro Gomes Design
31st Oct, 2015
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