Exceed commercial cinema quality by engaging the internal anamorphic modes of today’s 4K projectors to add 2.6 million more pixels of clarity and 38% more brightness when showing movies and streaming content in the cinema format. Delivering the pinnacle of home theater performance from the most recognized and most recommended anamorphic lens brand used in close to 10,000 of the highest end home theaters throughout the world. Winner of the CEPro Product of Year for both 2019 (Paladin DCR Lens) and 2020 (DCR Direct Attach Lens)

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Panamorph ST & SST

DCR Short Throw & Super Short Throw Conversion Lenses

Panamorph’s new Short Throw (ST) and Super Short Throw (SST) conversion lenses work with JVC and Sony projectors to fill bigger screens with higher brightness and detail in the ultrawide format even when you have a limited projector throw distance, including multiple modes for watching movies, streaming and 16:9 content. These lenses use new optical technology to provide high performance clarity beyond any expansion lens ever manufactured.

Paladin  CDR+ XM2 & DCR+ XM2

Our largest models for native 17:9 (DCR) and 16:9 (CDR) projectors includes the XM2 attachment system. These lenses are often chosen because they are large enough to work with many future home theater projectors*

BenQ Paladin

Paladin+ XM2

Our flagship lens model for native 16:9 projectors showing up to true 8K – large enough to work with many future 16:9 home theater projectors*


The full performance of the Paladin DCR in a smaller form specifically designed to attach directly into the lens openings of specific projectors
Over 80% of the most popular movies are made in the cinema 2.4:1 aspect ratio for commercial theaters and even today’s streaming shows are migrating to this format. This content is meant and created to be the largest experience in your theater but on a flat panel TV or 16:9 projection system it is actually displayed as the smallest experience with the lowest performance because millions of display pixels are turned off.

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