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Cogworks has made the pathway to achieving a reference level Hollywood cinema in your home.

Cogworks tailor made packages deliver the maximum impact for the chosen budget and provide solutions which can replicate commercial cinemas, but in the comfort of your own home. Cogworks can assist in all aspects of the design including furnishings, acoustic treatment, air conditioning and lighting.


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Follow each step through the design process and we will explain each step to help you build the perfect system. Once you are done, Cogworks will be in touch to assist in all aspects of the design including furnishings, acoustic treatment, air conditioning and lighting.

Video Component

Panamorph Anamorphic Conversion lens

Exceed commercial cinema quality by engaging the internal anamorphic modes of today’s 4K projectors to add 2.6 million more pixels of clarity and 38% more brightness when showing movies and streaming content in the cinema format. Panamorph lenses are the most recognized and most recommended anamorphic conversion lenses used in close to 10,000 of the highest end home theatres throughout the world.

Price depends on the matching projector, starting from $9499.

Lumagen Radiance Pro

The Radiance Pro boasts some of the highest performance video switching, processing and calibration currently available. It is equally at home in commercial cinema and grading environments as it is in home theatre applications. It handles every part of video processing, including scaling, image sharpening, colour space conversion, HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping and LUT calibration, extracting every last pixel perfection from a display device.

Price depends on matching input requirements, starting from $11499.

Ready for the ultimate in home cinema experience?

The next step after you submit your enquiry is for your room to be designed by our professional team of designers in conjunction with your local installation team. 

You’ll be able to see a fully detailed draft of the room as well as 3D renders such as the example below:


Home Cinema Diagram

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