We design to Industry Standards for a true cinematic experience at home

What is the true cinema experience?

Think back to the last time you were at a Cinema. You will remember that you did not see any physical speakers on the floor or under the screen. You will remember however the film’s dialogue came from behind the screen and was clear, powerful and easy to understand. You would also recall that the main volume with its impressive bass and oomph came from behind the screen.

You may have seen on the side walls of the cinema speaker boxes which provided surround sound or the immersive effects of the movie being played. These speakers may have also been hidden from view, covered by acoustically transparent material, either printed or plain. Some cinemas now feature Dolby Atmos Sound, which involves additional speaker placements in the ceiling or on walls to reproduce the effects recorded in this filming process.

The speakers, amplification and even the screen itself at Commercial Cinemas are designed specifically for providing this cinematic experience. This is arguably not possible to replicate with the majority of so called “Home Theatre Systems” being sold on the domestic market.

Why the current systems fall short

Most “Home Cinema Systems” sold today comprise a pair of what were principally designed as Stereo floorstanding speakers and a compromised centre channel designed to match the appearance of the main speakers but limited in its performance, meaning that the true Dolby Cinema protocol of having equally performing speakers in the system is not possible.

Placing such a floorstanding speaker butted up in each corner of the room is not how they were designed and will give a flawed performance.  The centre channel, if placed below the screen, will have your eyes and ears focused below the screen where the action and dialogue is not. The front and centre speaker, along with the subwoofer/s are the critical speakers to get right in the system.

If there is some practical reason why you cannot install all the same size surround or Atmos speakers, there can be a compromise here as these speakers typically do not have the full frequencies of the soundtrack delivered to them, typically being fast effects in the upper bass and midrange frequencies. This does not mean to say that certain brands of AV Processors and amplifiers cannot steer the lowest frequencies to these speakers that they can technically handle.

Don't settle for less than a design completed to the Industry Standards


How the brands that do give the true experience do it

Certain brands do exist which provide you with the products you need to go towards a faithful replication of a true cinematic, behind the screen experience in your home with no compromise in performance.

Severtson is a world leader in domestic and commercial projection screens, boasting the largest screen painting arm in the world. Imax cinemas and David Dolby use Severtson and the company produces arguably the best acoustically transparent screens on the market.

One of the leading dealers in Australia had this to say of one their SAT-4K material screens: “this is the best screen I have never heard” putting to bed the myth that speakers behind the screen are compromised. With the right gear being used, just like those in the big commercial cinemas, the sound remains true.

How Cogworks Ensure you get the true cinematic experience

It’s simple, we are certified to advise to Industry Standards for your particular room. An experienced installation consultant can work with you so your cinema achieves the best industry standards result as is possible. This would include the optimum SPL levels [Sound Pressure Level], Screen size, aspect ratio, viewing angles, seating angles, the correct acoustic treatment being adopted and so on.

Choosing a Cogworks Authorised dealer also provides you to access our Industry leading Cinema Design Service. Our resident architect / designer works with your dealer to provide you with the ultimate solution for your system, based on the Industry Standards.

What we offer you

As you browse through the Cogworks website you will see brands such as Lumagen [World leader in video processing], Panamorph [Anamorphic lens], Cogworks Cinema Chairs, Meridian [Digital Active Speakers], Trinnov [World leader in audio processing] and more, all leaders in their field.

We have created examples of cinema packages which can be tailored to your needs via one of our dealers. These packages can take you to the ultimate in audio visual experiences. 

Let Cogworks and our dealer network ensure you get the very best cinematic performance for your home