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We know the very technology that keeps us connected, also makes us busier than ever without having a place to escape. Professional custom-designed Rogue theatre rooms allow our customers to relax, unwind and be entertained in the comfort of their own home.

The story of Rogue Home Cinema began 20 years ago with Scott Rogan. A passion for live music and replicating festival quality sound in his home led Scott to start his own AV retail store. After the introduction of Blu-ray, not only could we now get amazing sound, but studio-quality picture was also a reality in the home – a long way from VHS and DVD. With this newfound possibility of recreating the true cinematic experience in the home, the foundations of Rogue Home cinema were built. 

Now with 2 decades of experience and being trained by world-leading authorities in home cinema design, the Rogue team can faithfully recreate the REAL authentic cinematic experience without compromise and in unique style and beauty. Whether you’d like the cinema room to be a “me” time spot or a fun place to spend quality time with family and friends, the Rogue team are here to help you create a stunning home cinema.

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Feature project

The featured home cinema project is built around the very latest technologies in home cinema.  The room incorporates a full 16 channel audio system compatible with not only the Dolby ATMOS audio standard, but also meets the DTS:X and Auro 3D audio formats.  Powered by a Trinnov audio processor this room is capable of incredible surround effects coupled with raw impact from the Pro Audio Technologies digital active speakers and subwoofers.
The projection system is a large 186″ CinemaScope Widescreen with a woven 4K compatible fabric with a BenQ 4K DLP projector to create some stunning visual effects on screen.  All video is processed via a Lumagen video processor to create the best image quality possible plus allow for easy aspect ratio control.
This large room of 7.5m in length and 6m width was able to accommodate two rows of 5 seats and has a wide sound stage to suit the seating placement.
All air-conditioning systems were incorporated into the room design so as to not be visible, with vents coming out through the rear stage and return air above the projector screen box.
A thorough acoustic design was completed in order to correctly locate seats, screen and speakers, plus an array of custom finished metallic bronze acoustic panels were installed to control the internal room reverb in order to create a pleasing sound stage.
Overall the client is extremely thrilled with the end result.

No space is too challenging and nothing is off limits