Compare our dealer tiers

We offer four different tiers each with their own requirements and benefits

Dealer - Silver

Silver Tier

  • Minimum purchase target $20k ex GST
  • Webinar programs
  • You tube video links
  • One on one training on key brands Severtsen, Nakymatone to enhance your projects value and importance
  • Access to our Industry leading project design service at a very affordable rate which will be a great cost / benefit to you
Dealer - Silver
Dealer - Gold
Dealer - Gold

Gold Tier

  • Minimum purchase target of $50k per annum ex GST
  • All Silver Status carry over benefits
  • Invitation to become a Meridian brand specialist
  • Rebatable Design Service fee when our products are specified and the project has been completed and signed off
  • Invitation to our conference – options available for travel / accommodation
  • Preferential trading terms options
  • Bespoke sales and marketing assets
  • Complimentary Dealer Profile
Platinum Dealer

Platinum Tier

  • Minimum purchase target of $100k per annum ex GST
  • All Gold benefits carry over
  • Access to our complete product portfolio
  • Intensive training on Meridian, StormAudio and Lumagen products
  • An invitation to join us at our annual conference [single ticket]
  • An invitation to join us at CEDIA USA [single ticket]
Platinum Dealer
Diamond Tier
Diamond Tier

Diamond Tier

  • Minimum membership $100k ex GST purchases per annum on Meridian product
  • Achievement of the target would guarantee an invitation to join us on a factory tour of the brand
  • Achieving $100k on both would mean a tour of both factories on the same trip
  • Airfare, accommodation, transfers, entertainment, meals provided by the supplier as arranged by the supplier or Cogworks are included. Any other activities would be at your expense
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