About Us

For over a decade, Cogworks prides itself on providing outstanding business for business support, personalised dealings, product and industry best practice education to its dealer network. Distinguished by the high level of in-house expertise, with its pedigree bestowed in award-winning home cinema, Cogworks set the example to the industry at achieving the most out of the products used in over a decade of successful projects. Our aim is to educate our dealer network on the best ways to use various products and brands through a training method that is quite different from any used by other distributors.

Cogworks is in the business of importing, distributing and supporting best of breed A/V equipment products and Software solutions. Cogworks excels in representing the latest industry products into the country and leads the way in demonstrating, training and supporting dealers to offer the best solutions to their clients.

Value is achieved in partnership with each party focusing on what they do best. Dealers get the benefit of Cogworks’ years of engineering, design and project management experience to achieve an end result of a very pleased customer.

Cogworks brings entertainment to life utilising the highest quality components, fit for purpose and extremely reliable. Cogworks service operates primarily through a business to business model whereby an Audio Visual dealer network throughout Australia and New Zealand manage the relationship with the end client and Cogworks becomes a valued supply partner that aids the background engineering where needed.

First and foremost, the singular drive behind Cogworks is the passion for delivering exceptional spaces where clients can relax and enjoy, whether alone or with others, that functions seamlessly with the rest of the home.

Without compromise and by engineering to industry standards and best practice, Cogworks will help provide a space that meets or exceeds all of the requirements for picture, sound and ergonomics.

Cogworks inspired rooms are designed to elicit the purest of emotional responses that exist within the core of film and music content.

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